Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Where has the time gone??

As I was skimming through pictures earlier on my computer I came across two different pictures of my niece. I know that I might sound like an oldie when I say this, but I can't believe how fast she's grown! It seems like just yesterday she was a baby and now she's walking and talking and just growing like a weed! She's even putting words together to form sentences...unbelievable! I can actually have somewhat of a conversation with her...amazing!

Anyhow, I came across these two pictures of us on a carousel...at different times. The first was taken at about this time last year and the second one was taken last weekend while I was home visiting. See for yourself!


This is what I saw when I walked out of my office building one day last week. If you claim to know me at all, you will have no problem understanding how much excitement this site brought me.

Sad Times...

This past April the house that Johnny Cash lived in for the last 35 or so years of his life burned down. This house is located about 1 mile away from where I live. Amber and I went over to grab some pictures.
I am a HUGE Johnny Cash fan and seeing this house basically burnt to ground is really sad. So many amazing songs were written in this house. Many great artists got their start just sitting around jamming with Johnny Cash...possibly in this house. I know it might sound corny, but I feel like some kind of historic monument just burnt down. Judge me if you want...

Friday, May 11, 2007

Chuck E. Cheese...Here we come!

I get to hang out with my amazing niece all weekend! Now, that's fun!! I'll be sure and snap some new shots while I'm home this weekend. I'm sure that all three of my faithful blog readers want to see updated pics! I'm telling you...she's as cool as they come!!