Wednesday, November 5, 2008

It's about that time...

I bought a new winter coat this past weekend. I've attached a picture above. That's a model in the picture...not me...just in case any of you readers might be confused as to who exactly is pictured with my new coat. I'm quite happy with my purchase...although the weather has been in the 70's everyday since I made said purchase and I haven't really been able to get much use out of it just yet. One of the main reasons I like it so much is because the sleeves don't come down past the ends of my hands. I've had that problem my entire life. I'll buy a coat and it will fit in all places...except for the arms. For those of you who have not had much experience with having things is NOT that easy to have the sleeves of a wool coat shortened. The alterations just never turn out quite right. I'm really stoked that I don't have to have this coat altered.

Bring on the cold weather...I'm totally ready!


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