Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Did someone order a wake-up call?!?

Well, I finally caved! Really, I did! A couple of days ago, at the urging of my dear friend, I created a blog for myself. I have put off becoming a blogger for some time because I really don’t ever have anything that exciting to write about. Don’t get me wrong, I love my life! I really do! It’s just that when I read blogs that belong to my friends, I feel a bit inadequate, especially when it comes to measuring up with the “excitement” factor. However, I feel that my first blog might just have the makings of an exciting read!

Last night at around 10:45 pm my phone started ringing. I glanced over and saw that my mom was calling. I immediately began to worry and let me explain why. My parents are both very early risers and when I say early, I mean like at 4:30 am they are up and raring to go to set out on the day’s adventures. Their early rising means that they are often in bed and fast asleep at around 8 pm. Seriously, if you don’t catch them before 8:00 pm, you are just out of luck until the morning. Now you can see why receiving a call from my mother at almost 11:00 pm might worry me a bit. Well, I picked up the phone to find my mother screaming frantically on the other end. As you can tell, she handles emergencies quite well. (Note the sarcasm in that sentence) Eventually, I was able to calm my mother down and finally made out that she was trying to tell me that someone had just driven their car through my parent’s house!! “I’m sorry can you repeat that, Mom???” Yes, someone drove their car through my parent’s house!!! Apparently, a teenager had been showing off while driving his girlfriend home. As he explained later that evening, he lost control of the car, drove through my parent’s yard, crashed through the end of their house and finally ended in their driveway, where both of my parent’s cars were parked. Needless to say, the cars were totaled. Actually, the car that caused the accident was stuck in the side of my mom’s car and had to be pried out. Crazy stuff!

I say ALL of that to say that I am so completely thankful for God’s protection of my family!! Looking back on the evening, there are so many instances where my family and I see God’s hand over our the evening! Amazingly enough, no one was injured during the course of the evening’s events. Aside from being “all shook up”, my family was safe, secure and overall very well. Also, my niece usually spends the night with my parents on Monday nights and because of cold weather and not wanting to bring her out because she’s been sick, she stayed home. I’m sure that if she would have been at the house during the accident she would have been terrified and scared and most likely traumatized to a small degree. Thank you Lord for your protection of my family in every way!

I ask that you please pray for my parents as they tackle the job of securing contractors and repair people to restore their home, driveway and both of their vehicles. It is going to be a very trying time…dealing with insurance companies and contractors, especially in the winter. I’m sure that they would appreciate your prayers!

I apologize for the length of this, my very first blog entry! I hope that you have found it to be both an entertaining and encouraging read…reminding us of God’s faithfulness! Look for pictures of this “freak” accident to come in the future, as soon as my mom figures out how to upload and email pictures from her digital camera!